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We're here for you; you are not alone!

Come, Talk Inc. provides a safe, caring, and helpful place for people impacted by all aspects of suicide.  These are people who have contemplated or attempted suicide, people who are concerned about a loved one, and people who have had loved ones, friends, and acquaintances contemplate, attempt, or die by suicide.  They are people of all ages and backgrounds who simply need a neutral party to caringly listen to their concerns, share their emotions, and help them on their healing journey.

Hours are Monday-Friday evenings by appointment.

To schedule an appointment, email Amanda at

All of the information on our resource shelves can be emailed, too, if that is a more convenient option for you.


Come, Talk is located at 321 Main Street, Irwin, PA 15642 (inside the Norwin Chamber of Commerce office.)  Though the physical center is located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, it can help people throughout the United States.   

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